Chakra:  A Sanskrit word which means wheel.  The chakras are similar to wheels, in that they are spinning vortexes of energy.  They are centers of force located within our etheric body, which we receive, transmit and process life energies.
Aura:  A subtle light surrounding a person or object
Energy:  Life force, cosmic ether, healing medium, vitalizing force, cosmic electricity
Parapsychology  The branch of psychology having to do with the study of psychic phenomena such as extra sensory 
perception, telepathy, and clairvoyance.  Parapsychology is the serious study of occult matters by intelligent and unhysterical 
people, and now is a recognized science.
Electromagnetic field:  Consisting of positive, negative and neutral charges which build and sustain the human body and all 
other matter.  
 Karen  is well known through out the United States and Canada for miracle healings of the equine.  Karen,  raised on a cattle and horse ranch in Idaho and born to Hubert and Mary Sewell, chose a wonderful place to be born and raised.  
Growing up on a ranch, common sense is a virtue and a blessing with her gift of spiritual healing.
Karen Hamel-Noble
Author of:  Through These Hands With Mine
Prices for Animal Readings

Complete Metaphysical Reading                                                           125.00 
*this like an annual checkup needs to be done yearly.  
Complete Hands On Reading at our ranch                                          150.00 
Metaphysical Clearing ONLY w/o the yearly complete reading               50.00 ea
Hands On Clearing - at our ranch - after a complete reading                    75.00 ea         *for the year

Potential Athletic Profile, known as a Scale                                         30.00 ea
Breeding Compatibility                                                                           15.00                                                                                                                         

~Prices for People Readings~

Complete Spiritual Reading & Healing                                                  175.00
Complete Metaphysical Spiritual Reading & Healing                          150.00
               ~Not Being Present~
Chakra or Structural Clearing                                                                 50.00
Metaphysical Chakra or Structural Clearing                                         50.00
Raindrop Drop Oil Therapy Treatment                                                   95.00
Emotional Release Oil Therapy Treatment                                            95.00
Kirlian Photography, which shows energy ~per picture~                           10.00
Group Meditation ~ per person/per session~                                                 15.00

Book: "Through These Your Hands With Mine"                                          10.00

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We are all born with gifts, abilities, and talents; some are learned skills; all take discipline, time, education and practice.  The gifts of Spirit are many, mine happens to be the gift of healing.  I am a spiritual healer, an instrument for Spirit, and a great friend to the four legged ones.  I work with the chakra system, auras, and the emotional, physical, spiritual and energy body.  When I do healing work, spiritual energy flows down into my chest, and then from my heart chakra it continues to flow out through my hand to wherever it is directed.  If one could see this energy flow, it would be seen as pure white divine healing light. The purpose of a healing is to reconnect broken energy patterns and remove blocked energy.  The goal of a healing is to bring the body, mind and soul back into a state of balance and harmony.  During a healing, sensations may be felt, ranging from warmth to hot heat, a possible coolness, or a tingling sensation.  Each healing is unique, and it depends upon the openness of the soul as to how much healing each individual accepts or receives.  The four legged ones, being open and sensitive, crave balance and harmony in their lives; these wonderful animals receive healings on every level; mentally, physically, and spiritually - consistently, and sometimes instantaneously.  I love working especially with the animals, and feel so blessed to be a part of the many miraculous healings that take place.   
I have a large clientele all over the United States and Canada, as well as clients from Panama and Ireland, all requesting metaphysical readings; metaphysical in my work meaning, not physically present.  To set up a reading on an animal, a description would be needed such as:  registered name, registration number, birth date, sex, color. With that information the energy of the animal is then present to do the reading.  A reading will give you the information you need to do your part, and then a spiritual healing will be sent to the animal.    
If you are a lover of the equine, count yourself blessed to have a good horseshoer and veterinarian.  But first of all for the 
equine a good farrier is a must, it all begins with a good foundation.  
I have done numerous lectures through out the United States and Canada.  I call myself an Equine Parapsychologist and have been in the field of healing for over 25 years.  The story of my walk into the healing is in a book I wrote for my clients called, Through These Your Hands with Mine.  I was inspired to write this book in hopes that you would be lifted and enlightened.  Perhaps you will find in yourself, the desire to fly with the eagles, knowing with God, we lift the limits of ordinary thought.  I have been featured in numerous newspaper articles and many different magazines, as well as being on TV and radio.  I was also featured in a book called The Top 100 Psychics in America by Paulette Cooper and in the book called The Directory of Northwest Intuitive Arts Practitioners.  My credentials include a Metaphysical Practitioner’s diploma from the International Metaphysical Ministry University Seminary in Los Angeles California, and also a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science B. Msc. from the Parent Body of the University. 
I offer my services to serious minded horses and animal owners who know their beloved pets and want to take a responsible part in the healing process of bringing them back into balance and harmony. We all have intuition; if we use it, we know when something is not quite right with our beloved pets, large and small.

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