Moon Deck's family is, inarguably, one of the fastest families of Quarter Horses to breeze into the record books.  His sire, Top Deck (TB), was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990; his son Jet Deck earned the honor in 1991; and his grandson Easy Jet joined them in 1993.  Moon Deck's induction is really a notable affair:  For the first and - quite potentially - the only time in history, four consecutive generations of sires - a tail-male line - are all Hall of Fame Quarter Horses.
Moon Deck arrived at J.B. Ferguson's ranch in Wharton, Texas, March 28, 1950. When the colt was trotting up to the edge of maturity two years later, Ferguson sent him to trainer Paul Simar of Carencro, Texas.  Simar put jockey Pat Castille in the saddle, and Moon Deck began a racing career that would keep him in the limelight for the next five years.
His first crop of foals, which were already yearlings when Moon Deck retired from the track, included champion Caprideck and stakes winner Miss Jet Deck, a full sister to multiple world champion Jet Deck, which Moon Deck would sire in 1960.
If Moon Deck had done nothing else notable, siring Jet Deck was enough to secure his mention as one of the greatest racing sires in history.  Jet Deck won 22 of 31 outs, earning $200,628 and winning 13 stakes races.  Easy Jet, a multiple world champion arrived in Jet Deck's third crop.
Moon Deck's breeder, J.B. Ferguson, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990, the same year that Moon Deck's sire earned the honor.  Moon Deck's induction is the last chapter in a four-volume saga of a family of fast champions.
Inducted in 1996 into the AQHA Hall of Fame

Taken from the March 1996 issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal

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