Stallion Show Record:
Superior Halter, 1971, ROM Halter, ROM Performance, 1970
Performance Point Earner, Halter Point Earner, Hall of Fame, '03 AQHA Total Points Earned: 72; Halter Points: 62; Perf Points: 10; 

Stallion Offspring Record:
World Champion Offspring, Reserve World Champion Offspring,
Top Ten World Show Offspring, Supreme Champion Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA High Point Performance Offspring, AQHA Reserve High Point Performance Offspring,AQHA Champion Offspring
NRHA Money-earners, Race Money-earners
ROM Halter Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring
Performance Point Earners, Halter Point Earners
Hall of Fame Offspring, NSBA, NSBA Money-earners

AQHA Offspring Record:
Total Points Earned: 24,106; Reg Foals: 1,065; Number Shown: 513; Point Earners: 409; AQHA IF: $30,107; Halter Points Earned: 6,082; Halter Point Earners: 343; Halter ROMS: 7; Superior Halter Awards: 36; Performance Points Earned: 18,024; Performance Point Earners: 496; Performance ROMS: 276; Superior Performance Awards: 101; Supreme Champions: 1; AQHA Champions: 31; Total Superior Awards: 137; Total ROM's: 283; World Championships: 6; Res World Championships: 6; High Point Wins: 5; Race Earnings: $519; NRHA Offspr LTE: $8,194 Number of NRHA Offspr: 1 NRHA Offspr Avg Earnings: $8,194  -  Equi-Stat Cutting Offspring LTE: $755
AQHA Offspr NCHA LTE: $755  -  AQHA Offspr NSBA LTE: $74,723
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